Head instructor - Mr. Richard Kraska

6th Dan, International Taekwon-Do Federation (I.T.F) 
& Internationally Certified Taekwon-Do Instructor


Mr. Richard Kraska has been involved in teaching and mentoring others in the art of Taekwon-Do for over 30 years. Throughout these years, he has continued to practice and refine his teaching techniques and abilities in the areas of self-defence, sparring and in Taekwon-Do patterns.

Mr. Kraska is a well respected and acclaimed Taekwon-Do instructor, who in his early Taekwon-Do career won numerous medals and trophies in recognition of his own achievements.  As an instructor, Mr. Kraska’s knowledge and expertise can be seen in his students who continue to excel through their accomplishments at all levels of competition, including: Provincial, Western Canadian and National Championships, as well as having had numerous students go on to represent Canada on the national team at the I.T.F. World Championships – most recently held in Inzell, Germany.

Mr. Kraska is one of the most respected and reputed instructors in Alberta and currently holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt with the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).  The ITF prides itself on teaching the original style of Taekwon-Do, as created by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi.

Mr. Kraska’s strength lies in his ability to help students, of all ages, to make significant improvements in their levels of self-confidence, self-discipline, physical and mental strength, as well as in their martial art and self-defence abilities.  As each student progresses through the various levels of Taekwon-Do, Mr. Kraska guides and personally mentors the progress of each individual, helping each person achieve their own personal and physical training goals.

Classes involve technical training in Taekwon-Do patterns, self-defence, and in competitive and non-competitive sparring.

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